Dear Friends,

I am so very thankful for this wonderful community of supporters and friends. This school year, you have helped us give away $1.7 million in high-quality supplies, resources and lesson materials to thousands of teachers and kids in our public schools. Every pencil, every science kit, every water bottle, every glue stick, made a huge difference for our kids, schools and teachers.

We grew 18% as more teachers than ever are coming through our doors to access an incredible array of supplies, all for free. We served all 88 public schools in our community’s three public school systems, supporting teachers, nurses, speech therapists and more. We are growing by creating a joyful culture of care and support while staying laser focused on our model and mission: invest in teachers so that they can make a difference for every child in their classroom.

This year, not only did we expand to open our doors to all 90 nurses in our public schools, but we launched two new programs: a feminine hygiene program, Free 2 Learn, and a partnership with Energy Alabama created to get science lesson kits into K-8 classrooms.

Our volunteers have given 3,684 hours of time and energy to organize, sort and prepare tons and tons of donated and purchased supplies. Our amazing staff team goes above and beyond, every day, to serve the teachers who walk through our door. This hard work meant we filled 4,041 carts with supplies at an average of $432 per cart.

Our partnerships continue to grow. We are thankful for individuals and families, businesses, foundations and community groups who share their time and resources with our teachers. These supplies aren’t just pencils and paper, they are transformational tools that equip our educators to empower and invest in our kids. Your gifts matter and make a difference!

As we grow to serve more teachers, I invite you to get involved by joining our monthly giving program, The Crayon Club. For as little as $5/month you can come alongside us so that teachers are just as ready for the first day of the school year as they are for the last day. To partner with us monthly, choose your donation amount and select “make this donation recurring.” Thank you!

If you would like to learn more about us, please reach out to me and I would love to show you, in person, the difference that we can make as a community on our public schools.

Thanks for a wonderful school year,

Alison Kling

Executive Director

Free 2 Teach