Free 2 Learn: supporting girls in schools with feminine hygiene kits.

Free 2 Teach is committed to supporting teacher in Madison County’s three public school systems with supplies, resources and more. That’s why we are thrilled to add this vital component to our offerings: feminine hygiene kits to support girls in our schools. These kits will be part of the Free 2 Learn program, an extension of our Healthy Kids section. Teachers will be able to take four kits when shopping with us each month to have in their classrooms and give to girls who may need these items. Click here to make a gift and click here to purchase our most needed products and have them sent directly to our free store! Questions? Email Alison at

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Each kit will be contained in a discreet package and available for our teacher shoppers to take in order to support girls in their classrooms. We will start with four kits per shop (teachers can shop with us for free, every other month) and work to increase and scale the program as we grow our Healthy Kids Free 2 Learn offerings. To support us, please consider making a gift or donating supplies via our Amazon Wish List.